To achieve a long lasting gel manicure, follow the simple steps below:

  • Use cuticle oil or cuticle balm at least twice a day. This will help your gel polish to last longer and will enhance the health of your natural nails.

  • Take extra care of your gel nails in the first 24 hours after your treatment. Avoid extreme heat e.g. sunbeds and hot baths.

  • Never use your nails as tools - they are your jewels.

  • Always wear gloves when completing household tasks e.g. cleaning, washing up, gardening etc.

  • Always wash your hands after coming into contact with sun cream, fake tan etc.

  • Avoid having your nails in water for long periods of time as this can cause your gel nails to soften, lift and water could get underneath the gel product.

  • Always have your gel polish removed professionally to maintain healthy nails. Picking off your gel polish will damage your natural nail!!

Chips, splits and accidents happen from time to time. This is inevitable.

By following the above guidance you should get the maximum length of time out of your gel manicure. ​

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