Hi I'm Laura. I originally qualified as a Beauty Therapist in 2015 however,

I knew my passion was specifically for nails so later that year, I went onto develop

my skills and became a fully qualified Nail Technician. 

So why nails?

Nothing beats a beautifully manicured hand. However, there is a real stigma around gel

polish and it ruining natural nails. No nail treatment should ever compromise the health

of your natural nails and I wanted to start my own nail business with a mission to overturn

this negative stigma. 


I would regularly get my nails done myself and felt that there was a lack of explanation about why certain tasks were being performed during the treatment. I felt that there was a real gap in the market for salon treatments that provided safe nail care which is how my strapline 'Natural Scientific Nail Care' was born. 

Treatments at Flaurless Nails focus on following the science to bring you treatments that are safe and trusted. I have a wealth of knowledge about the nail, its structure and the do’s and don’ts when it comes to treatments.


The aim is to go back to basics, maintain the highest treatment standards and make each client feel relaxed with a chance to switch off from the chaos of the outside world. I love providing nail treatments and pride myself on delivering the perfect treatment to my clients.

I have used many products within the industry with varying results. I have chosen to use 'The Gel Bottle' for all my treatments. Why? Because this product is quite simply the best. From being vegan and cruelty free, to having high pigment colours, they have, in my opinion, transformed the nail industry to bring us high quality, long lasting gel manicures. 

Although I am a fully qualified Nail Technician and can perform acrylic and hard gel extensions, I have chosen to work on Natural Nails only. Why? because of BIAB. BIAB (Builder in a Bottle) was introduced by 'The Gel Bottle' and is predominantly used as an overlay for your natural nails. The strengthening barrier protects the natural nails and allows them to grow on their own. With the right aftercare and a little bit of patience everyone can have long, strong and healthy natural nails and (dare I say it) no more need for acrylics! 

Going into a salon can be daunting. This is why I have created a beautiful studio in the heart of Gloucester where you can feel safe and relaxed. 


If you have any question please get in touch. I am always happy to help.


Hope to see you soon. 

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